Liberty and Accessibility

Monday, January 15, 2007

I would think that even the most staunch Libertarians have to admit
that as far as getting Libertarians elected to office, we could be
doing a lot better. There are some Libertarians in local offices such
as soil and water boards. This is a good starting point. However,
after about 35 years, it's time to grow. Perhaps Ron Paul has the
right idea. In another presidential election, Ron Paul ran for
President as a Libertarian. Like most Libertarians that run for major
offices, he only got a small percentage of the vote. For the 2008
presidential election, he is thinking about running for president as a
republican. If he manages to get on the republican ticket, it seems
that if he can get his message out to the American people, they will be
able to relate to a lot of American people. For example, because of
his non-interventionest foreign policy beliefs, he is against the Iraq
war. He has been in congress as a republican, but he voted against the
so called "Patriot" Act. According to a Wikipedia page, he is against
the income tax and against the IRS! After a bad experience that my
parents had with the IRS, I'm certainly with him there. After you work
all day from five to seven days a week, you don't want to give part of
your hard earned money to the government do you? More information
about Ron Paul can be found at This Wikipedia page.

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