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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breaking: Geifner under pressure to resign, Paul or Schiff may take his place

Publically, President Obama and VP Biden have been standing behind
treasury secretary Tim Geifner's performance thus far. However,
Liberty and Accessibility has received a tip from an anonymous source
that the Obama administration has had private discussions with the
secretary about resigning. When asked why the administration would
want Geifner to resign, the source said "It's obvious that Mr. Geifner
knows nothing about economics. Anybody who thinks that just printing
money out of thin air will solve the US economic crisis is a
douchebag." The source says that the administration is considering an
Austrian economist like Ron Paul or Peter Schiff to take Geifner's
place as treasury secretary. The source can be quoted as saying "The
Austrian economists have been predicting a crisis such as this for 30
years." The source says that it is the Obama administration hopes that
Tim Geifner resigns with dignity instead of President Obama having to
be forced to fire him.

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