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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Keene Free Press - It's Official  President Bush Has Lost His Mind!

Sunday, 14 October 2007
The Bush presidency is the largest disappointment in the history of the
modern conservative movement. The Bush presidency was supposed to be
the culmination of all the hard work conservatives had done. In 1994
the "Republican Revolution" in Congress and then the control of the
executive branch by Bush gave this country the possibility of returning
from big government liberal garbage to the sanity of the Constitution.
Well we all know what happened. The "Republican revolution" was nothing
more than an increase in the same old liberal big government garbage.
They sold us out!
I had my feelings about President George W. Bush when he ran for his
first term. I had uneasy feelings about his so called "compassionate
conservatism". It reminded me of his father's slap in the face of the
great Ronald Regan. After Regan served his second term, George Bush
senior said we needed a "kinder and gentler nation". That was a direct
insinuation that somehow Regan was not kind or gentle. It was the
uneasy feelings that I had about President George W. Bush that caused
me not to vote for him. I voted third party instead. When it came time
to choose between Bush and Kerry in the last presidential election, I
voted for Bush (while holding my nose) since I knew there was a good
possibility that the Supreme Court would open a few seats. I hoped that
Bush would appoint good justices and it seems he did. I will give him
credit for that at least.
Here is the problem; one can point to any president and come up with
something that they did that was good (well almost any president). The
real question is did that president move us closer or further away from
the Constitution. Bush has been a disaster concerning the question. He
along with the "Republican Revolution" congress moved us to bigger and
bigger government with higher spending and the huge new prescription
drug entitlement program, and centralizing education. Pork barrel
spending and insane amounts of money spent in foreign aid in countries
with corrupt governments. Bush tried to fight the Iraq war with
political correctness instead of fighting the war as if it is a war.
So many conservatives tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. "He
must have a strategy we don't understand yet." In the end we all see
the truth and those uneasy feelings that caused me not to vote for him
the first time have proved to be right. President Bush has stabbed us
in the back. He has shown his true colors and I do not like what I see.
The final straw that broke the proverbial camel's back was the last
immigration amnesty insanity. What could be worse than allowing another
amnesty program? What could be more insane than opening the borders up
to another 50 million uneducated people over the next ten years who
will drain social services? This land is supposed to be the land of the
free…not the land of the free loaders!!! The insanity of the
Bush/Kennedy collaboration on the amnesty bill only serves as a grave
reminder that we are losing our national identity. Now we have the
latest amnesty bill coming at us under the name "The Dream Act." As I
have written about this previously, it is another insane amnesty
program wrapped up in a cuddly name. Isn't that dreamy?...Give me a break!
Now we get to the absolute, no turning back, worst act of insanity yet.
On October, 10, 2007, The Bush administration went to the Supreme Court
to argue in favor of an illegal alien who committed a double murder. He
raped, tortured, and murdered two 15 year old girls. The Bush
administration is now using its power and our money to argue that this
murderous pig should have a new trial because of a ruling by "the world
court" that stated the police should have contacted the Mexican
consulate and advised them of the trial. The world court? What is this
insane globalist garbage? Who cares what the "world court" has to say?
This is the United States of America! We are 50 states that are unified
under our Constitution. We elect our representatives and our
presidents. I do not care what some globalist in another nation thinks
about anything. This murderous scoundrel has no right to another trial.
He admitted his guilt and even bragged about his sick crime. For
President Bush, who previously stated that our justice system will
never be under a world court, to now send his administration to argue
in favor of submitting to this stupid world court ruling is treason.
Yes you are reading that right TREASON! Any politician that thinks we
Americans should submit to any another authority is a treasonous
criminal. The crime perpetrated by this disgusting criminal is bad
enough, but to add to it by having the President of the United Stated
argue on his behalf makes me want to vomit. Mr. President you have lost
your mind!
Bush is a globalist and his desire along with his buddies in Mexico and
Canada is to have Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico join as one union like
the European Union. It is called "the security and prosperity
partnership." The agenda is clear; they want globalism to eventually
lead to one currency and one global world government. This is not a
conspiracy theory. This is their goal. We see it in Bush recognizing
the absurd ruling of the world court. What I am about to say may seem
upsetting to some of you but here it goes anyway….TO HELL WITH THE
WORLD COURT!!!!! That is where it belongs. Our veterans did not fight
to put us under foreign rule. They fought to keep us free from it. What
part of that do you socialist, globalists not understand?
President Bush's buddy, former President Fox of Mexico was on the
"O'Reilly Factor" show on Oct, 9, 2007 and spewed out a blame America
for everything diatribe. He blamed America for his country's drug
problem, for his country's inability to stop illegal immigration to
U.S.A. He compared the corruption in Mexico to American corruption and
when pressed on his true world-view the former Mexican President made
it clear that he wants a North American Union similar to the European
Union. He is an enemy of our nation and how dare he come here and
lecture us when most of his people in Mexico make under $4:00 per day
and are subject to the intense corruption of his government. I have
done much mission work in Mexico and I know firsthand that most Mexican
people are dirt poor. How dare he? He dares because our own President,
who swore to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and
domestic, has himself become an enemy of it, along with the majority of
Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate. The former Mexican
president went on to call us who are against illegal immigration and
amnesty, "xenophobes." The race card was pulled out also by the present
Mexican President Felipe Calderon when he said that the "Minute men"
are racist because they do not want our southern border open to illegal
aliens. So we who love our country, wish to defend it from invasion,
desire to uphold our national independence, and believe that our
veterans fought to keep us free from foreign rule are xenophobes, and
racists? Well Mr. Fox and Mr. Calderon, call us what you will but we
will not be deterred from protecting our beloved land from all enemies
foreign and domestic. We will continue to fight for our rights as
secured by the blood of our fathers who shed it for our freedom and our
right to self government. We know the truth. We simply stand as
Americans together to make known the true desires of our enemies and to
uphold our sacred right to be One Nation under God.
Dr. David M. Berman
Senior Pastor, Author, Convention Speaker
211 Whitcomb Road
P.O. Box 10357
Swanzey, NH. 03446
Phone 603 352 9471

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