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Monday, June 25, 2007

I hope you Christians are happy

The US supreme court has ruled that tax payers can not challenge
government faith based programs. This seems to mean that the
government can now turn America into a theocracy and get away with it.
I'm strongly against some beliefs of the Christian religion, but you
Christians who support George Bush expect tax payers to pay to support
your interpretations of the bible. I'm now in a dilemma about what to
do when it's time for me to pay income tax. Do I refuse to pay the
income tax and go to jail, leave the country, or just be a slave to the
fundamentalist Christians? None of those choices sound that good. I
think I'll keep from making any decision until I find out who gets
elected in 2008. If Ron Paul gets elected, I'm confident that he will
do whatever he can so that Americans will pay as little taxes as
possible. I know that there is still the congress that he has to deal
with, but he'll be able to communicate with the American people
directly in ways such as using presidential news conferences.
For now, you Bush supporting Christians can congratulate yourselves.
By supporting George Bush, you've managed to move America closer to a

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