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Monday, June 25, 2007

[FL4RonPaul] Read Ron Paul's Book (fwd)

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Subject: [FL4RonPaul] Read Ron Paul's Book

Dr. Paul's book "A Foreign Policy of Freedom"

is a must read for anyone interested in what Dr. Paul is about. It
is Going way back into the 80's he has been warning the leaders of
this country about the problems in our foreign policy. Its no wonder
that they call him Dr. No and for good reason. You can see him
speaking out against resoltions and bills and congress that lead up
to most of the problems that we are now in. You can see how he looks
at the big picture and how he looks down the road at what can be seen
as simple cause and effect. Most politicians don't look past the
next 15 minutes. The good doctor looks at how the little things in
how bills are written and how the language is shaped that end up
getting us in trouble. Why? Because these things are written that
way on purpose. We have poured billions into the middle east and if
you read his speeches in the early to mid 80's its hard to tell that
he was speaking back then because after Congress plowed ahead anyway
all the things Dr. Paul warned them would happen did and of course
all to our detriment. The same arguments are still at play for over
20 years and we've gotten absolutely nothing for our money. We are
no closer to peace than the Christian Crusaders were centuries ago.

If all the candidates were put to the test in a real college style
debate about the foreign policy of this country and its consequences
not to mention the economic situation it is easy to see who would
really come out on top as far as real experience and knowledge about
the mechanics and inner workings of this unholy mess. Dr. Ron Paul
would just leave these talking heads in the dust. If Americans could
just get past the sound bites and actually listen then there is hope
for this country. But first you have to get past the corporate
firewalls built around every consumer - Wii, Playstation, XBox,
Entertainment Tonight, Fox News (?), and of course Wheel of Fortune.


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