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Monday, November 20, 2006

A Florida county is requiring eye sight for a computer job. From reading the job description, it seems that the main things the job requires are walking, some lifting, working with databases, computer programming, and technical support. Lets go through these.
1. walking; Are there some sighted people that actually think we can't walk to places independantly? That's what guide dogs or white caines are for.
2. computer programming:
randomize Timer
dim number as double, r_int as integer
dim theend as string
print "Random Selecter by Ryan Mann"
print "This program will generate random numbers between 1 and 213."
while theend <> "exit"
print "The number is ",r_int,"."
input "Press enter for another number or type exit to end the program.",theend
The above is a program to print random numbers from 1 to 213. It was written in a programming language called BASIC which stands for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. In order to run the program, you need to save it into a text file on your computer, then compile it. To do this, you can download FreeBASIC from FreeBASIC is a compiler for the BASIC programming language. Basically, it turns programs written in the BASIC language into executable programs that personal computers can run. I admit, that program wasn't that complicated, but don't worry. Blind people have written a lot more complicated programs. One example of this is the NVDA screen reader. It can be downloaded at
3. lifting; I don't think I even need to comment because it's so obvious.
4. technical support; I personally know of a blind person that has done technical support for an internet service provider called US Internet Technologies.
5. computer databases- That's what a screen reader is for. Basically, a screen raeder speaks what a sighted person would see on a computer monitor. Click for the entire job description.

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