Liberty and Accessibility

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Since I'll be talking about web sites that are inaccessible to screen readers, I should probably use my first entry to explain what a screen reader is. Nowadays, computers are a part of most Americans every day lives. In order for blind people to participate in American society, they use a screen reader. A screen reader speaks what a sighted person would see on a computer screen using a computer synthesized voice. Instead of using a mouse to navigate our computer, we use keyboard commands. For example, when we brows the web with browsers such as Internet explorer, we can usually arrow down to a link and press enter on the link to follow it. However, since some web page designers don't consider that blind people may need to use their sites, there sites are sometimes unusable by the blind. An example of one of these sites is I will talk more about that in my next entry.


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