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Monday, November 06, 2006

And now for something completely different:
Are you a hobbyist or professional computer programmer? Do you think BASIC is dead? I got news for you. It is alive and well in the form of FreeBASIC. FreeBASIC has the simplicity of older languages such as Quick BASIC, but it can do a lot of the same things that are done in C or C++. In fact, C libraries can even be used in FreeBASIC. Work is being done to make FreeBASIC a GCC back end. When this is done, programs that are compiled by FreeBASIC will have the same optimizations as programs written in C and compiled by GCC. Then the question will be; If a program can be written more easily in BASIC, why bother using C? To see some programs I've written, you can go to (my FreeBASIC page.) To download FreeBASIC and read the message forums, you can go to (the main FreeBASIC page.)


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