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Monday, September 18, 2006

ABC has a show called Extreme Makeover. This show builds homes for people who have had problems in their lives. This is good, but the problem is that they spread myths about blind people. On their most recent show, they built a house for a blind family with a disease called Anairidia. The show went to extremes to build the house especially for a blind person. For example, they talked about having bright colors on the steps so the family could detect them better. Even if somebody has some vision, they don't need bright colors on the steps in order to know when they are there. This is what a cain or guide dog is for. Not to mention that bright colors wouldn't do anything for somebody who is totally blind. As another example, they talked about having a master bathroom so the father didn't have to "go out into the hallway and search for the bathroom"! I'm blind and I go to the University of South Florida. There is plenty of places I go where there is not a bathroom. In fact, I live in an on-campus apartment and there is no bathroom in my bedroom. I urge viewers of ABC's Extreme Makeover show not to judge blind people from what is seen on this show. I don't think this show was made to be educational. For some actual education about blindness, go to the sites below.
The National Federation of the Blind's web site is The web site for the National Federation of the Blind of Florida is


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