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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the Ron Paul programming tutorial

If you've read this blog before, you know that I have strong opinions
about certain political issues and that I support Ron Paul. However,
besides politics, I also enjoy technology. For this reason, I decided
to create a little computer programming tutorial for beginners. Once
we get into the tutorial, you'll see why I'm calling it the Ron Paul
programming tutorial.
What is computer programming? The web browser that you are using to
read this tutorial was written by a computer programmer or group of
programmers. These programmers wrote code in a programming language
then used a computer program called a compiler to convert the human
readable code into a machine code that your computer can understand.
There are many different programming languages, but I think a good
programming language for beginners is a language called FreeBASIC, so
that's the language I will use in this tutorial. In my next post, I
will discuss how to get started with FreeBASIC.

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  • The tutorial is a great idea.

    I Support Ron Paul

    You can vote for Ron Paul in the Free Market Hall of Fame Poll of legislators and government officials at plus sign and comment on the Ron Paul Is Right – Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at
    You also might want to read “The Final Presidential Executive Order” a fictional story about a future terrorist attack against the US and learn how the government response elected Ron Paul as President of the United States at

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