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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Why do you support Fred Thompson?

If you believe the main stream media, you think that Fred Thompson's
campaign for president in 2008 has a lot of support. To test this, I'm
asking the Fred Thompson supporters to post comments on why they
support Fred Thompson. If your reason is that you think he is honest,
you should take a look at Ron Paul. There are plenty of videos on
Youtube of his speeches plus plenty of information on If you still support Fred Thompson after doing
that research, post a comment on this blog. I almost forgot, you might
want to do research on Fred Thompson's support from special interests.
Ron Paul has none.

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  • Good evening Ryan,

    I suggest honesty is but only one character trait required for a President as an example of self-confessed drug addicts are hardly considerations for POTUS. ( AND children who would like to see drugs legalized are hardly looked to for advice on Presidents. )

    Demonstrating commonsense across all the many situations we face today is also a mandatory prerequisite to choosing the leader of our country...Unfortunately, this is also where Paul leaves the reservation on his plan to avoid the evil throughout our world by calling everyone home and rolling up our welcome mat. The evil influences that exist today would be overjoyed to left to their own devices but, we certainly would not, can not. While he believes strongly in the Constitution, inwhich all candidates should certainly be, this is also not a single qualifier to the highest office of our land. ( Although given the current bad apples in the Libertine barrel... )

    Now, you're going to have to perform some research on the definition of honesty for yourself to be a little more specific on your baseless and very general slant of "special interests support". I'll offer you good hunting knowing you'll at least be studying a man who truly deserves the opportunity to lead us.

    By Blogger Winghunter, at 8:10 PM  

  • It's none of you or anybody's business to tell me what to put in my body. Even if it was your business, the drug war doesn't stop drugs it just helps the mofia and other gangs. I will put in my body what I wish. I won't let busybodies tell me how to run my life. It's my life, not yours! Repeat, it's my life, not yours! Nowhere in the constitution does the federal government get the authority to ban drugs. If the states want to ban drugs, fine, but any federal drug ban should be vigorously resisted.

    By Blogger Ryan Mann, at 9:58 PM  

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