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Sunday, September 09, 2007

September 7, 2007 Message From Ron Paul

by Ron Paul
September 7, 2007
Has this been a hectic and encouraging time! First we got almost 17% in
the Texas straw poll, an event set-up to represent the establishment,
with very restrictive voting rules. That 17% of the Republican
hierarchy would support our views, after a full day of pro-war
propaganda, is good news. Then we won the more open Maryland Republican
straw poll with 28%. In both cases, as usual, hard-working,
well-organized volunteers made all the difference. The Fox debate was
a lot of fun as well. It's true that a few of the network people are
not exactly with us on foreign or domestic policy (though one famous
guy whispered to me that he is a libertarian), but the audience-with
lots of students from the University of New Hampshire-was definitely
fair and balanced, as their enthusiastic reaction showed.
My opponents called for more war, more torture, more secret prisons,
more eavesdropping, more presidential power. Some seemed to identify
the government and the people as if they were one entity. But you and I
know that once the government moves beyond its very limited
constitutional mandate, it is an opponent of the people, a rip-off
operation that takes our money and our freedom and our social peace,
and gives us a mess of statist pottage in return.
The government failed miserably on 911 to protect us, despite spending
trillions. So the answer was supposed to be the giant, socialist
Department of Homeland Security, protecting you and me from taking our
toothpaste on the airplane. I was ridiculed for saying that the
airlines, which know best how to protect their property, should have
been allowed to arm their pilots. But then, you and I really believe in
the Second Amendment. It is not just a political slogan for us.
When I discussed the blowback that came from us intervening on the
Arabian peninsula, Chris Wallace asked me if I wanted to follow the
marching orders of al-Qaeda. I responded that I wanted to follow the
marching orders of the Constitution, and not wage undeclared,
aggressive wars that cause us only trouble. This is a mystifying to
some, of course, but not to more and more Americans.
There was much talk of taxes, and a pledge not to raise rates. But as
usual, I was not allowed to discuss my lifelong pledge to abolish the
income tax. Just holding the line, when the government takes such vast
sums through an illegitimate guilty-until-proven-innocent system, is
hardly enough. We need to slash taxes and spending if we are to have a
future of prosperity for ourselves and our families.
After the debate, many young people gathered around the stage to
discuss our ideas and ask questions about them (and to have me sign
their badges). My colleagues got no such response, and after a few
moments, "security" ordered me off the stage. Can't have any such
demonstration of interest in liberty.
But the young are with us, and so are Americans of every stripe. Even
party officials. When one of my opponent said it was OK to lose
elections through supporting the Iraq war, that set party people's
teeth on edge, and rightly so. The Republican party is shrinking. We
need new people. It's either our ideas or President Hillary, and more
and more people recognize it.
But the media, and everyone else, will be looking at fundraising totals
at the end of this month. They'll judge us by how we do. And we need
help to wage what we hope will be a full-scale, 50-state campaign.
Please help me head into the next quarter fully armed to do battle for
freedom, peace and prosperity. Make your most generous contribution This Revolution is on the move,
but it very much needs your support.
'end of his message'
On a personal note, some people may not think the IRS is a big deal.
However, getting rid of the IRS would mean a great deal to me. You may
think that as long as you go along with their system and fill out all
of the paperwork, everything will be fine. People in my family are
very law-abiding, but this didn't keep the IRS from going after my
parents. My family has to pay somebody to take care of my head injured
uncle. One employee that we hired didn't pay some taxes, so the IRS
came after my parents. The employee owed the money, but my parents are
just middle class people, so they couldn't afford lawyers to fight the
IRS, so this incident ended up costing my parents over $4000. The IRS
needs to be gotten rid of. This is one reason you should support Ron
Paul for president and not the establishment candidates such as Hillary
Clinton or Fred Thompson. Jee, I wonder why Ron Paul didn't get any
questions about taxes in the Fox debate the other night? Maybe because
America's tax money goes towards corporate welfare. Therefore,
corporations such as Fox are afraid of Ron Paul's candidacy.

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  • "The Fox debate was a lot of fun as well."

    If Ron Paul can have fun under that kind of treatment then I need to change my ways. I will endeaver to have fun in this campaign. Shoo, paranoia! Be gone, depression!

    This campaign is important and the message is important, but we can have fun.

    I remember Ron Paul's comment earlier in the campaign when a reporter told him that the talk show host he was about to engage was pretty tough and tended to have a little fun with candidates. Paul's response was, "That's OK. Everybody should have a little fun." If Ron Paul can show some humilty about these things and even enjoy himself when others are antagonistic, then I will try to do the same. Be gone, vanity!

    Let's have fun!

    By Blogger Dar, at 1:50 PM  

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