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Thursday, July 05, 2007

[FL4RonPaul] Fwd: [ronpaul-48] Grassroots Support, Again For the Win (fwd)

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Just posted on Lew Rockwell's blog:

After huge pressure from the grassroots, Spartanburg SC Republican Party Chairman Rick Beltram has quickly backed down from his promised exclusion, and now offers this "challenge" to Ron Paul:

"We, the Spartanburg County GOP will hold a low cost event (cover charge) for attendees to have a PUBLIC Q&A with DR. PAUL here in Spartanburg, SC. NO OTHER CANDIDATES!! THIS WILL BE YOUR TIME to convince us that have incorrect information about Dr. Paul's political platform! This will cost your campaign 0 dollars....except for the cost to get Dr. Paul to Spartanburg and if any overnight accommodations are needed! FORMAT: 10 minute opening presentation by Dr. Paul; 12 questions from the audience (to be pre-screened by us and your campaign); Meet and greet; Total: one hour." (Thanks to Michael Nelson.)

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  • It looks to me like the guy had contacted the campaign several times and received no response. He did enough research to see the Michigan and Iowa snubs garnered significant attention, so he thought he'd give it a go. Good for him.

    I hope that he can bring Paul to an audience that hasn't heard his message. We need to get the word out now more than ever.

    By Blogger Randy, at 11:00 AM  

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