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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is universal health care the answer?
Some 2008 presidential candidates support a nationalized health care
system. Is this really a good idea? Canada has a nationalized health
care system and some Canadians have said that they have to wait weeks
to see a doctor. Canadian readers can expand on this by commenting on
this post. An example of socialized health care that is already
provided in the United States is provided by the Walter Reed military
medical center. From the story about Walter Reed that came out a few
months ago, I think it's safe to say that the medical care provided by
this center is not working very well. If that is the type of health
care that people who are in the military get, what will it be like if
government is more involved in health care on a national scale?
To top this off, I have personal experience with a government program
that restricts the type of health care you get. This is Medicaid.
When I got out of high school, I didn't know anything about government,
so I signed up for medicaid. I thought I would be able to see a doctor
and get help for my allergies. Whenever I went to the doctor, he gave
me some prescription drugs. These drugs didn't help much, so after a
few years, I tried to make an appointment to see a doctor that
specializes in allergies. However, I was doomed because of this
government program called Medicaid. When the lady on the phone asked
me what medical insurance I had I said Medicaid. The lady said that
their office is not allowed to take Medicaid patients. Then I said
that I would pay out of pocket for the appointment. The lady still
insisted that their office was not allowed to take Medicaid patients.
I learned an important lesson that day. That is that if you depend on
the government for an important thing like health care, there will be
unintended consequences. When I first signed up for Medicaid, I didn't
know I would be restricted in what type of health care I would get, so
that restriction was the unintended consequence. What unintended
consequences will there be if the United States implements a national
health care system?

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