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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cindy Sheehan reffuses to pay income tax

An anti-war protester named Cindy Sheehan has said that she will no
longer pay the income tax. If she follows through with this, I say Go
Cindy! The federal government is out of control. They waste money on
unnecessary wars and military bases in over 100 countries. Military
operations aren't the only thing the federal government wastes money
on. You have an entire agency called the DEA who tries to fight the
"war on drugs." In reality what it does is causes violent crime because
of the black market for the "illegal" drugs. Then you have the IRS who
bullies families like mine who have had to hire people to help take
care of sick people in those families. The only way these government
Bureaucrats can be controled is if their income is cut off. This means
not paying taxes to the federal government. Emagine if millions of
people followed her lead. Eventually, the federal government would run
out of money. What we would have is a revolution without firing a
single gun shot! Are you in? Read some interesting commentary at

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