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Thursday, March 22, 2007

public school teachers think they are always right

In a previous post on this blogg, I discussed a teacher I had at the
Florida School for the blind, or should I say so-called teacher. The
story about Shaquanda Cotton braught me back to my middle and high
school days, so I thought I would talk about another nutty teacher at
the Florida School for the Blind. Her name is Jody Casteel. When I
was there, she was a middle school English teacher. To be fair, she
was a little better than Mrs. Myers, because she actually taught
English. As long as you didn't make any spelling or gramar mistakes,
everything was fine. However, if somebody misspelled one word, she was
liable to scream at them. Evidently, it's OK if this behavior is done
by a teacher, but if a student raised her voice at her, that was unacceptable.
That's OK because public school teachers are angels of God.

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