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Thursday, March 15, 2007

pollster bias against small government candidate

The web site has a poll in which people
can vote on their favorite presidential candidate for 2008. It lists
the candidates from both parties so the poll is objective right? It
seems not to be. The candidate Ron Paul is now listed as a spammer.
Supposidly, it was because somebody hacked the site to give him more
votes. According to the results, some of the other candidates got more
votes such as the candidates that got 15% of the vote. Maybe they got
too many votes. Shouldn't they be listed as spammers? Perhaps the
pollster just can't believe that somebody who is against the IRS and
the federal reserve can actually be popular. Maybe this pollster hangs
out with a lot of democrats who's main solution to social problems is
another government program. Because of this, he or she thinks
everybody thinks that way. Another problem with the site is that it
partially blocks blind people from participating. Blind people can
select a candidate, but they can't make comments. I went to make a
comment about Ron Paul being listed as a spammer, but there is one of
those image captchas. Somebody has to enter what they see in the image
before they can comment. Screen readers can't read what is on those
images, so I couldn't comment.

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