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Friday, March 09, 2007

Chuck Conces

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Subject: Chuck Conces
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This is the latest. Also, for your information, these e-mails should be
posted on the "Quest for a Fair Trial" site.Thanks
The United States District Court for the Western of Michigan is on Trial
I will be visiting Chuck Conces at the Newagao facility in White Cloud,
MI tomorrow. We won't have a lot of time because of the limit for
prisoner visits. Thirty five minutes for up to seven visitors. I talked
to Chuck's wife last night and she said that she had not talked to him
recently, so there is no new news to pass along. We are not sure at
this point if Chuck was able to formally file the forms for appealing
the order used to incarcerate him. I will ask for a meeting with
certain members of the Lawmen after my visit in order to discuss the
situation. Conces is alleged to have violated a court order stemming
from the Department of Justice's civil lawsuit against him.
All the Lawman should make this their mantra to the media, "There was
no violation, because there was no civil lawsuit. There was no lawsuit
because there was no Authorization."
IRC Sec.7401; AUTHORIZATION: "No civil action for the collection or
recovery of taxes, or of any fine, penalty or forfeiture, shall be
commenced unless the secretary (of the Treasury) authorizes the
proceedings and the Attorney General or his delegate directs that the
action be commenced."
Additionally, there are no witnesses for the DOJ that prove Mr. Conces
had ever done any of the things they have alleged in their complaint.
Amazingly, Conces is in jail without the DOJ having any witness
testimony that would back up their flimsy allegations against Chuck.
The United States Court for the Western District of Michigan is really
the one on trial here, not Chuck Conces. Judge Robert H. Bell is the
Chief Judge in that district and has been up to no good. There is big
trouble in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of
Michigan. Don't take my word for it; take the National Judicial Conduct
and Disability Law Project, Inc.; Whistleblowers for an Honest,
Efficient and Accountable Government's, word for it. According to the
above funded government project, two of the top 25 offenders (Judges)
through out these United States are from you guessed it, the Western
District of Michigan. Both Judges, the Chief Judge, Robert H. Bell, and
his infamous colleague Gordon J. Quist, made the list. These two judges
have been reported to the U.S. Congressional judiciary committees, for
their blatant violations of litigants' constitutional rights. Chief
Judge Bell, after receiving irrefutable evidence that attorney's for
Ford Motor Co. used fraud in order to obtain a favorable judgment,
refused to grant pro se litigant (Bill Price) relief from his original
order of dismissal. Consequently, by virtue of Bell's complicit action
with Ford's attorneys, after the new irrefutable evidence proved that
fraud was used, makes Judge Robert H. Bell a felon. Bell's refusal to
correct his judgment in light of such strong proof leaves reasonable
speculation that the Chief Judge may be open to bribes. The evidence is
all available for your inspection at Simply
select the button that says, Can You Say Fraud. Three one page exhibits
reveal that the Chief Judge for the Western District of Michigan made a
deal with Ford Motor Co. and their attorneys.
Judge Quist was reported by Charles F. Conces for several violations,
including those involving his constitutional rights. Quist acted as an
attorney for Defendant, Jeffery D. Eppler, an alleged IRS Operations
Manager. Eppler failed to answer Conces's complaint according to the
demands in the summons. A person has 20 days to respond according to
law. Eppler did nothing and Conces moved the court to enter a default
judgment accordingly. Quist, then acting entirely on his own, dismissed
Conces's complaint almost 3 months after it was filed, an unprecedented
move for any judge to make. The defendant Eppler never made an
appearance, yet Quist acted on Eppler's behalf and gave him a dismissal
he never asked for. Wow! This type of behavior calls into question
Judge Quist's competence to sit on the bench. Chuck Conces, as I
understand according to Title 35, is a whistleblower against Judge
Quist and as such, Quist is obligated recuse himself from this case.
This may just be a case of an evil judge with a grudge.
The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan continues
to gather evidence against itself. More eyes are opening every day to
the problems in our courts, and the Western District of Michigan is
becoming famous. I will tell all of you that Chuck Conces is not in a
panic and would be very disappointed in us if we chose to get in one.
There are two battles going on right now, one in the courts, and
another, which is proving much harder for our adversary to control, in
the court of public opinion. We need to methodically press on in both
fronts. These abuses in the courts can only continue if they remain
obscure. Part of our job is to make sure that they don't.
Bill Price
Freedom to Fascism, an Orwellian Odyssey
"Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen – keep your eyes
open wide this chance won't come again – and don't speak too soon for
the wheel is still in spin, and there's no telling who it will be
naming …. for the times they are a changing…" Bob Dylan 1964.
Lately some writers and critics have tried to forewarn the middle class
of the coming crisis. Pat Buchanan's effort to sound the alarm against
NAFTA, GATT and the WTO, is a recent example. The media conglomerates
have shown time and again just how easily they can manage such forays
into the public consciousness. The wheel of fate alluded to in Dylan's
song has come to rest. Names have been named, places revealed, dates
are now known and the future then, now occupies its place in history.
George Orwell would have been pleased to see this day in America.
Orwell's novels "Animal Farm" and "1984" predicted a state of
totalitarianism in the world. Regrettably, Orwell did not live to see
the phenomena you are about to witness. The movie "America, Freedom to
Fascism" is an expose' on the Federal Income Tax, the Federal Reserve
Banking/system and finally the facts about an international cartel that
has been very busy "arranging" your entire future. It is more powerful
than anything you have seen. Ironically, these world planners featured
in Aaron Russo's movie, have something in common with George Orwell,
their most notable critic. The cartel's global plan for the middle
class, and the title of Mr. Orwell's most famous book, could very well
share the same name, "Animal Farm"
"Animal Farm" released in 1945 was an ominous warning to the world.
There was another ominous release that year, the atomic bombs over
Nagasaki and Hiroshima. "Freedom to Fascism" was released in 2006 and
with it, something even more powerful than the atomic bomb, the truth.
"Gather round people wherever you roam, and admit that the waters
around you have grown - so you better start swimming or you'll sink
like a stone, if to you your time is worth saving, for the times they
are a changing…"
Is our time worth saving? Spread the word, by using the most powerful
weapon known to man, the truth. Watch and share "America, Freedom to Fascism".
"Keep your eyes open wide this chance won't come again…for the times
they are a changing..."
This introduction was prepared by Bill Price. The producer and director
of "America, Freedom to Fascism", Aaron Russo does not necessarily
endorse the views expressed herein. For additional information on the
federal income tax, visit

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