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Friday, March 02, 2007


the whole TAX CODE SHOULD BE VOID FOR Vagueness -One of the most common
is that the statute does not pass the Void for Vagueness Doctrine. The
legal concept of void for vagueness is very important to ensuring fair
and just criminal system. Void for vagueness refers to a statute that
while defines a crime, it is impossible for a person of ordinary
intelligence to tell what the crime is from that statute. This makes
that statute void because it would be unconstitutional under the 5th
amendment which guarantees due process. - So all should voir dier the
jury on sections of the TAX CODE, when they all fail to understand the
code - which they all do - then GEE GOSH, by this doctrine, the B.S.
Tax code, written on purpose to confuse - so the Criminal gov can hide
its true purpose - would void this whole mess now.

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