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Friday, February 23, 2007

Correcting George Will on Ron Paul and the Constitution

George Will's curt dismissal of Rep. Ron Paul in Will's recent Newsweek
editorial requires further examination.
According to Will, Paul "believes, with more stubbornness than
evidence, that the federal government is a government of strictly
enumerated powers." Will rightly points to Article I, 8 as the
enumeration of the powers of Congress.
What does the august Mr. Will mean, exactly, in claiming that Rep.
Paul's position is based on "more stubbornness than evidence"? He does
not say. But he should.
George Will's disagreement with Ron Paul about the extent of
congressional power, then, must really come down to a disagreement over
the significance to be attached to the explanation of the Constitution
offered by Federalists in their campaign to persuade Americans to
ratify it: Rep. Paul consistently respects the ratifiers'
understanding; perhaps Mr. Will does not.

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