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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

universities tolerate free speech, but only if it is popular speech

Universities say that they support free speech. Sure they support free
speech that is popular, but what if your views are not main stream.
Then you might have a problem. According to Fox News, five Long Island
College students were fired from their residents assistance jobs. They
posted a prank video of Moslems taking hostages. I will admit that by
posting this video, these students seem anti-Moslem and I don't like
those kind of people. However, wasn't the first amendment meant to
protect unpopular speech? I don't like when republicans talk about how
good President Bush is and that we're fighting in Iraq for our freedom.
The more I hear people saying that we're fighting in Iraq for our
Freedom the more I get annoyed. Should I be able to get anybody who
says those things in trouble? I would emagine that most people would say no.

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