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Sunday, February 11, 2007

government supported Mofia hard at work

The government supported mofia is hard at work taking money from
American citizens by force. Because of an experience my parents have
had with this mofia, I've started taking an interest in what it is
doing. I've stumbled apond a story about a couple of their victems.
These victems are Ed and Elaine Brown. Ed Brown was an exterminator
and Elaine was a popular New Hampshire Dentist. Ed and Elaine had
repeatedly written letters to the IRS because they questioned whether
there is a law that requires American citizens to pay income tax.
Reportedly, they got no response. Then suddenly, the US attorney with
the help of the IRS braught charges against them for failing to pay
income tax for 10 years. When Ed and Elaine Brown whent to trial, the
judge kept evidence from the jury that could have gotten the Browns
acquitted of the charges. For example, the judge wouldn't let the
Browns argue to the jury that perhaps not all American citizens are
required to pay income tax like the government would have us believe.
As a result, the Browns were convicted. Ed Brown so strongly believes
in his case that he is willing to die. I admire him for having the
courage to stand up to a mofia. This mofia is known as the IRS. To
keep updated with the situation go to or

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