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Sunday, December 17, 2006

how big government affects lives

I'm guessing that the reason a lot of people couldn't care less about
politics is because they think that politicians have no effect on their
lives. I have a personal story that shows that those people are dead
wrong. My uncle has a severe head injury that prevents him from taking
care of himself. As a result my parents hired somebody to help take care
of him. Evidently, this person didn't know anything about taxes. While
she was working, she didn't pay the IRS what she owed out of her pay
check. However, the IRS never went after her. Instead, they are
expecting my parents to pay $1600 that they don't even owe.
Unfortunately, my parents don't have enough money for lawyers to fight the
government, so they will probably end up paying it even though they are
not the ones that owe the money. There is two ways we can solve this type
of problem. One is to simplify the tax code. This would alleviate some
misunderstandings about how much people owe and who owes what in taxes.
Another thing we can do is decrease the size of government. The less
government programs there are, the less the average person would have to
pay in taxes. Oh, you want to take away government programs away from
poor people, you might be thinking. A lot of government programs don't
help poor people. However, it would help if they could keep more of their
hard earned money.


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