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Monday, February 12, 2007

Who will sound the alarm?

IRS and Government Abuse of Citizens
The opening scene in this video shows how a woman was handled who went
to an IRS building in Alaska to try and get answers on an arbitrary tax
assessment she had received and disputed. Unfounded charges were
eventually dismissed, but only after her car was sold for $500 and she
was soaked for $60,000 in attorney fees and legal costs. You'll see the
scene played out later in the video.
This is not an unusual occurrence, similar ones occur every day
somewhere in this country. When someone at the IRS gets irritated with
a citizen and has nothing to legally charge him/her with, they dream up
charges they know will be dismissed in time, but they also know (1) the
taxpayer will be terrorized and forced to spend large sums of money for
lawyers, and (2) they know they, themselves, are immune from any
prosecution or retribution. They use pseudonyms in their work, so their
identities and their employment are usually unknown by their friends
and neighbors.
In 1982, when my children were in K-5 and 2nd grade in a private
school, my 7-year-old daughter was slapped by a little girl in her
class at school. When she told me about the episode, she said the
little girl told her "My mother will shut your daddy's business down.
She closes three or four businesses every week. She's a supervisor at
the IRS." My daughter did not understand any of what she was telling
me, but she was accurate in remembering what was said. I was unable to
identify her mother, despite a dedicated and extensive effort to do so,
including my own resources, an attorney, and a private investigator.
You think we don't live in a police state? Think when you bump into
someone at the convenience store and say "excuse me," or cut someone
off in traffic, you'd better hope that person doesn't work at the IRS
or if (s)he does, that (s)he isn't vindictive. Considering the culture
that has developed within the IRS, chances are more than 50-50 that any
one you encounter will be a vindictive sort who will seek "payback."
Who will sound the alarm? - Google Video - 22 minutes
"We are FREE, only so long as we OBEY!"
Put another way, "We live in a POLICE STATE."
Thanks to FredMarshall1937 in reader comments.

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