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Friday, March 02, 2007

A lot of times, when there is a social or economic problem, it seems
that people's first reaction is to try to get a government program
started to solve the problem. Libertarian Harry Brown, who died about
a year ago gave seven reasons why government should not be depended on
to solve these problems.
1. Government is force. adding government programs often means
raising taxes. Some of us don't want to pay money to the government to
solve problems, thank you very much. We would rather choose charities
to donate money to. Charities that are known for doing the most good
will get the most money. With government however, you are forced to
give money to it whether it is efficient or not.
2. Government is politics. One year, you may have a certain social
program that you depend on. The moment other politicians get elected,
that social program can be taken away.
3. You don't control government. For example, when you pay income tax
to the federal government, they can use it for wars and agencies that
you don't agree with.
4. Government programs will be more expensive and more expansive than
you think.
5. Power will always be misused.
6. Government doesn't work because it is force. For example, during
hurricane Katrina, FEMA was extremely inefficient. Private businesses
such as Walmart tried to help but the government turned them away. I
guess somebody didn't want to give up their power. Heaven forbid if it
was shown that private businesses were more efficient than government.
7. Government must be subject to absolute limits. If not, people in
government will find ways to take more control over it's citizens. An
example of this is the Bush administration's detaining people without
trial. Don't anybody try to tell me that this is OK because those
people are terrorists. I've heard that time and time again. Until
those so-called terrorists are found guilty by a jury, I am going to
assume they are innocent.

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