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Friday, March 02, 2007

The incarceration of Chuck Conces

I received word of Chuck's incarceration last night by e-mail as did
everyone else. There is an attempt underway to get him released with a
writ of Habeus Corpus.
I just wanted to let everyone know that this is absolute confirmation
for me of the desperation of the government to keep the truth of the
income tax situation from the people. I have known Chuck for over three
years via the joint meetings held by the Lawman and WTPC of Michigan. I
was present at every meeting but one or two during those three years.
As a matter of fact, I almost always picked him up in Battle Creek and
drove him to the meetings myself and we shared an hour of travel in
each direction. That allowed me to get to know him probably better than
anyone else in the groups and I can tell you as a fact that I have
never met anyone of higher integrity than Chuck. To the best of my
knowledge, he NEVER advised or helped anyone to fill out a tax return.
He was always adamant that the groups stay away from known scams and
un-supportable positions.
He never sold anything other than a CD with material on it that is
public information and freely available in the law libraries around the
country. How can showing people what the law says and what the courts
have ruled be called frivolous and a tax scam? When the government is
so desperate to silence the truth that it incarcerates an innocent man
for not complying with something that it has no jurisdiction to order
in the first place and for not producing something that he doesn't have
in the second place (a list of clients), it is nothing short of an act
of lawlessness in itself.
It saddens me to know that government agents and judges in this country
are so devoid of integrity that they will follow orders from whoever it
is that they consider to be an authority to tell them to do these
things without even questioning the motive or the facts of the case. It
is obvious that protecting their own gravy train is much more important
to them than the guilt or innocence of one of our citizens.
What I have learned about Chuck is that he, like me, is a seeker and
disseminator of the truth and that he holds the teachings of the
Supreme Authority above all else. If that is grounds for incarceration,
then there are a lot of us in this country who had better prepare for it.
Best regards,
Ron Goodger
WTPC Michigan State Coordinator

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