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Sunday, March 18, 2007

MySpace censor’s viral Ed & Elaine Brown bulletin code.

Casey Lee Cobb | Show Ed The Law | March 18th 2007
It really is telling about what America has become a dictatorial power
where corporate America will go so far as to censor free speech and
stifle the tax honesty movement. About a week or two ago, I created an
Ed and Elaine Brown bulletin in a User friendly format so that it could
be easily self replicated by fellow patriots, making the reposting of
said bulletin a very simple thing to do.
It was a huge hit among the MySpace community, Ed and Elaine Brown
supporters from all parts of the U.S. helped to make the bulletin viral
by spreading the message in support of showing Ed the law. However much
to my dismay, I started to notice that the bulletin would no longer
post. It was almost as if part of the code was flagged in some secret
MySpace bulletin moderation database, so that when any one tried to
repost the bulletin it would simply fail to appear on the board.
Just to be sure, I contacted several MySpace friends to confirm, they
were not able to post the bulletin either. So one week the code works,
and everything is just peachy, and the next week a dark shadow is cast
upon truth seekers everywhere, and we experience a cold shudder of
outright blatant censorship. I'm thinking that MySpace, does not want
the revolution to be televised….? I wonder why, I wonder who is pulling
their strings ? I wonder if this article has enough power of persuasion
to release the block on my bulletin? Time will most certainly tell.
Visit to
see the bulletin in question.
posted by Casey Lee Cobb

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