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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why do you support Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is doing good in some election poles, but I don't know
why. Do you really think she is sincere? Do you really think she
cares about the American people? If so, you should ask yourself the
following questions. Why did she vote for the "Patriot Act?" Notice
that I have "Patriot Act" in quotes. That's because for what it does,
"Patriot Act" wasn't a good name for it. It should probably be called
The Government Can Spy on it's citizens Act. Hillary supporters, why
do you want to be spied on? If this isn't bad enough, she voted to
send American troops in harms way for an unnecessary war. You might
say that both democrats and republicans voted for the war originally.
However, there is one congressmen who voted against both The "Patriot
Act" and the war in Iraq from the beginning. His name is Ron Paul and
he is running for president in 2008. For a starting point for
information, check out
. Then google Ron Paul. After doing that, if you still think you have
a good reason to support Hillary Clinton, leave a comment on this blog post.

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