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Sunday, July 29, 2007

a few reasons to support Ron Paul

1. The United States needs to stop being the world's police. We have
military in over 130 countries.
2. The IRS needs to be gotten rid of. In order to do that, all we
have to do is cut some government programs.
3. The FDA makes it harder for people to get information about
alternative treatments for health problems. Think about it, when you
go to a doctor, what do they usually do? Give you a prescription
pharmaceutical drug right? Do you have allergies? Take Clarotin Z or
whatever they are on now. How does diet fit in? hmmmm I bet big
pharmaceutical drug companies are happy about America's dependance on
prescription drugs. It must be nice to be a pharmaceutical drug
company because you ineffect get subsidized by government programs such
as medicaid while alternative treatments are not. What we have is a
government/corporate complex which encourages the dependance on
prescription drugs.
Well, I rambled a little bit there, so for more clarity you should
probably read

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