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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

rmann0581 has forwarded a page to you from the Daily Paul

rmann0581 thought you would like to see this page from the Ron Paul 2008 Revolution - Ron Paul for President - Daily Paul web site.
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Hopefully his videos are more positive in the future.

In the past, Simon Constable from has done some mildly positive, mildly misleading stories/articles on Ron Paul and his idea of "returning to the gold standard." I critiqued one of his earlier articles here, and did a followup critique here.

The gist of my criticism is this: Mr. Constable tries to make it appear that Ron Paul wants to "go back" to an inflexible system that was abandoned in the 19th century. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Paul himself has said there were flaws with the past system, and he would in fact like to move forward to a new, commodity-based, honest money system. A 100% reserve gold standard has never, in fact, existed in the United States.

After my first critique, Mr. Constable emailed me, thanking me for my interesting perspective. Recently, he again emailed me with a link to a new video/story that he's done on Ron Paul and the gold standard. In this new video, Mr. Constable interviews random people in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The first question he poses is whether they know what the gold standard is. Woefully, no one does. He then goes on to ask the same ignorant people, "Presidential candidate Ron Paul wants to abolish the Fed and reintroduce the gold standard. Do you think that is a good idea?"

Certainly, there is no point in asking ignorant people for advice on a topic, and certainly Mr. Constable knows that such advice worthless. So why ask it?


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