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Saturday, July 21, 2007

[FL4RonPaul] Washington, D.C./NYC area ? Free Ad Campaign ! (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 16:35:11 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [FL4RonPaul] Washington, D.C./NYC area ? Free Ad Campaign !

Washington, D.C./NYC area ? Free Ad Campaign !

MSNBC Hardball is requesting 30 second ads on Presidential candidates. So for anyone interested you need to get one to them. I don't know if they will run it but it might be worth the effort. A comedy spook might have a better chance of making it on the air. I don't know ?

Monday July 23, MSNBC-Hardball with Chris Matthews will be filmed in Hardball Plaza outside the regular studio. Regular citizens will be allowed on set.

Tuesday July 24, Aug.7, Aug.21, Sept.4, Sept.18, Oct.2, Oct.16 & 30, MSNBC will continue their all day "Super" Tuesday campaign coverage leading up to the Feb.5, 2008 national primary and caucus day. They have been shooting some shows from on location around D.C.

Dodd supporters have managed to be in the audience on most previous shows with Dodd campaign signs, hence free coverage on national television for their candidate. If you are in or near the D.C. area these upcoming shows would be a great opportunity to get Ron Paul's name some free TV time. Our largest task is still name recognition for Dr.Paul. The majority of Americans still don't know who he is and some haven't even heard his name. If one to three RP volunteers would attend these shows with signs and position yourself behind the guests or the host to be in the camera angle, it could help to get added name ID for RP. I don't think they will keep you off the set for having RP signs, but if you think they would, you could take a bumper sticker and keep it in a pocket, and after you get on the set, just take it and hold it up to the camera when they shoot your area of the crowd. Waala ! FREE ADVERTISEMENT...Don't forget to keep smiling you will be on national television.

This could also be done in NYC on the different network morning shows. You would actually reach more people on these shows than the cable shows. Anyway, we need some of you locales (or vacationers) to please step forward and help get Ron Paul's name out to America. Signs with the web address are best, so interested persons can learn more about the campaign. Anyone willing to help on this project ? Anyone think this is a good idea ?

Don't forget to spread the word: Republican debate August 5, 9:00 A.M. eastern on ABC Television...

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