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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Union Leader sensors Brown supporters

Ed and Elaine Brown are a couple of tax protesters who were convicted
in a one-sided trial at the beginning of this year. Now, they are
refusing to go to prison. The New Hampshire newspaper called The Union
Leader just did a story about the tax protesters. If you read the
comments at

you would think that everybody in New Hampshire wants the Browns to
either be killed or go to prison. One of the comments even compared Ed
and Elaine Brown to murderers. However, not everybody in New Hampshire
hates the Browns. The reason all of the comments on the article are
against the Browns is because the Union Leader is sensoring comments
from Ed and Elaine Brown supporters. A couple people on the Quest for
Fair Trial blog (
have said that their comments weren't posted. I tried to comment a few
hours ago, but that comment also has yet to be posted. Tell the Union
Leader to stop being bias in favor of the IRS. Their contact
information is below.
Telephone: 603-668-4321 or 800-562-8218
A couple Ed Brown supporters in New Hampshire that I know of off the
top of my head are the hosts of the Free Talk Live radio show. Listen
to archives of the show at

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