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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Conservatives, Beware of Fred Thompson

"Conservatives, Beware of Fred Thompson"
These are the main points made by Richard A. Viguerie, author of
Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government
Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause (Bonus Books, 2006), in his
white paper, "Conservatives, Beware of Fred Thompson."
The full article is available on-line at
He disappointed conservatives during his eight years in the Senate
(1994-2002). Is there any reason to think this Washington insider and
veteran trial lawyer would be any better as President?
Charged with investigating the Clinton White House's Asia fundraising
scandal ("Asiagate"), he proved to be a Marshmallow Republican. And the
only time he played a major role on a major piece of legislation, he
was on the wrong side of the fence: pushing for the McCain-Feingold
campaign finance bill.
Why McCain-Feingold is so important—and so bad
The real purpose of McCain-Feingold type laws is to silence grassroots
activists and protect incumbents. "You were essential to our success,"
Senator Feingold told Fred Thompson.
He runs around with the wrong crowd.
He fails the Goldwater Test: Goldwater became the founder of the
conservative movement because he alone spoke out publicly against the
Big Government policies of Eisenhower. Fred Thompson has been
silent—and complicit—about the Big Government policies of George W. Bush.
He fails the Reagan Test: Reagan was a conservative activist for years
before he ran for president, and surrounded himself with top
conservative aides. Fred Thompson is a stranger to the conservative
movement and his longtime associates are not conservative. "Personnel
is policy."
Marshmallow Republicans: Instead he is an integral part of the
Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party, people like former Senator
Howard Baker (of whom he is a protégé) and Senator Lamar Alexander.
There's a reason why one of Washington, D.C.'s key media liberals is
maneuvering for Fred Thompson.
With Thompson as the GOP candidate, liberals could rest easy, knowing
their power is safe whether the Democrat or the Marshmallow Republican
wins in 2008.
Putting Fred Thompson's Senate voting record under a microscope
Viguerie looks at 18 votes on important issues to show that while
Thompson talks like a conservative, he has worked to increase the power
of the federal government, limit the rights of taxpayers and individual
citizens, and shut grassroots activists out of the political process.
Fred Thompson on abortion: pro-life, pro-choice, or both?
There's a good reason why people are confused about Fred Thompson's
stand on abortion. A President Thompson would give pro-life
conservatives a lot of supportive rhetoric but little action. So what
else is new?
Fred Thompson is not the conservative leader we need, says Viguerie
"For the past year, I have been preaching to conservatives that we
should not align ourselves with those who have fatal flaws from a
conservative perspective. The imminent entrance of Fred Thompson in the
race doesn't change a thing, for the reasons I have demonstrated here.
"Conservatives, let's keep our powder dry. The GOP has taken us for
granted. Conservatives should make candidates come to us, and let's
make them prove that they are worthy of our support."
Many more details are contained in the full article, "Conservatives,
Beware of Fred Thompson," at
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