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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

[FL4RonPaul] Ron Paul and the Polls Explained (fwd)

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Ron Paul and the Polls Posted by Joe Naab on May 22, 2007 | |
Filed under Campaign News By Joe Naab
The Ron Paul Revolution, while still in its infancy, has resolutely thrust itself upon the main stage of politics. We find ourselves in the midst of a great confusion as to how to measure the popularity of his candidacy. Never before have we seen such a swing in poll results for a single candidate. Surveys and polls attempting to catagorize support for the republican party presidential candidates have produced results for Ron Paul as low as 0% (early Gallop and Zogby) to as high as 95% (ABC's post-debate online surveys). The truth is somewhere in between.
Why is a discussion as to polling methods important today? Because there is a strong movement among establishment republicans and the corporate monstrosity to whom they owe allegiance to have Ron Paul removed from the debates.


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