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Monday, June 04, 2007

D.C. madam case and neoconservative hypocrisy

A woman known as the D.C. madam has been charged with prostitution.
She is known as the D.C. madam because she runs an escort service that
many washington politicians use. Despite the fact that politicians
themselves use these services, as part of the Bush administration's
crackdown on prostitution, they have charged the D.C. madam with
prostitution. Why is she being charged, but not the politicians who
use her services? A couple months ago, a senior member of the Bush
administration resigned because she exposed him for using her services,
but the official has not been charged with anything. Why is it OK for
the neoconservatives themselves to pay for prostitutes, but not anybody
else? Is it because the prosecutors are doing favors for the
politicians? The D.C. madam has turned over some of the phone numbers
of people who use her services to ABC. However, a few weeks ago, a
judge ordered the D.C. madam not to turn over any more of her records.
If prostitution is such a terrible thing, why would this judge want to
keep it from coming out who uses these terrible services? Could it be
because if the records came out, government officials high up in the
Bush administration would be exposed? Did George Bush himself use her
services? We couldn't let that come out could we? We can't have the
American peasants find out that their "leaders" are nothing but a bunch
of hypocrites.
A way to solve this problem of a double standard is to legalize
prostitution. Prostitution is a consensual service just like getting a
hair cut. .

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