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Monday, June 04, 2007

[FL4RonPaul] Polling Ron Paul (Polls not including him increasingly obnoxious and hard to justify) (fwd)

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Subject: [FL4RonPaul] Polling Ron Paul (Polls not including him increasingly
obnoxious and hard to justify)

Polling Ron Paul
So, I'm noticing Ron is starting to show up in polls now. Not making an impact per se, but showing up. It's all relative, and at such small rates the MOE is a huge factor, but he appears to be reliably outpolling every other non-major candidate.
Take this South Carolina poll for instance. He doesn't show among Republicans, but among independents, he places right (and barely) under Fred Thompson, at about 2%. He beats Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, Sam Brownback, Huckabee, Tancredo, T. Thompson, etc.
In the last New Hampshire poll Paul gets 3%, putting him at fourth place (or fifth, if you add F. Thompson).
He's more in the middle of the field in this Iowa poll of caucus-goers, but still at 2%. Most of the other most recent polls either flat out don't include him, or he doesn't rate (and most were done before the debates).
The latest two Florida polls both have him at 2.1%, beaten only by Huckabee among the bottom tier (second one).
I also mentioned a New York poll that has him in fourth place at about 2%, and a few other assorted ones. Of note: most all of these polls (the ones just linked anyway) were done around the 14th-18th it seems.
I mention these for a few reasons. Ron Paul certainly isn't "surging", but he has hit the map finally (and the polling that doesn't include him is becoming more obnoxious and hard to justify). You'd be right to say that nationally, on average, he polls at around 2-3%.
We do know he meets the 1% criteria (often used for debates) now in every state in which he's polled. It's now going to be impossible to justify excluding him on any grounds but "we just don't want him there".

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