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Saturday, August 04, 2007

[FL4RonPaul] Ron Paul Now Has 20K Volunteers! (fwd)

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Ron Paul Now Has 20K Volunteers
National Expositor
In a radio interview today on the Dale Williams Show, Jeff Greenspan, Western Regional Campaign Coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign made an astounding announcement that the Paul camp now has more than 20,000 registered volunteers. Mr. Greenspan stated "I don't know any campaign in history that has had that many volunteers." Against the will of the mainstream media, this unbelievable amount of support is showing that Ron Paul's campaign is transparently evolving into a social movement. Later in the show, a caller asked why the main stream media is ignoring Ron Paul. Mr. Greenspan stated that there is a clear bias against the Paul campaign by mainstream pundits. He gave the example of the last Republican debate where Fox News did a CELL PHONE POLL. Before and during the poll, Sean Hannity explained at length how this poll would be scientific. Alluding to previous internet polls where Ron Paul had dominated, Sean Hannity quickly recanted his claims that Fox's
cell phone poll was scientific when all of a sudden Dr. Paul again began to receive more votes than any other candidate. Mr. Greenspan also stated that Ron Paul is now third in terms of campaign dollars among his Republican counterparts and the contributions are growing at an enormous rate.

War battered dogs are we
Fighters in every clime;
Fillers of trench and of grave,
Mockers bemocked by time,
War dogs hungry and grey,
Gnawing a naked bone,
Fighters in every clime-
Every cause but our own
-Emily Lawless "With the Wild Geese"

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