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Monday, June 18, 2007

REAL ID Trojan Horse

REAL ID Trojan Horse

Immigration legislation pending in Congress contains several bad provisions related to the REAL ID national identity card. These provisions will cause huge problems for American citizens. Please consider joining me in opposing these provisions.

Below is my letter to my representatives.

A few weeks ago, I asked you to introduce an amendment to the current imigration bill that would strip out everything that has to do with the Real ID act out of the current imigration bill. However, I didn't get any response, so I'm assuming that won't happen. Is this because the bill is way too big for you to even read it? You can solve that problem by voting no on the current imigration bill.

You can help keep this problem of bills being way too big from happening in the future by supporting the Read The Bills Act.


Ryan Mann

Notice that I slipped the Read The Bills Act in with this letter.

Another thing you can do besides writing this letter is register as a republican and vote for Ron Paul in the presidential primary. The other republican candidates have said that they support a national ID card. Remember, if one of those other republican candidates wins the primaries they could be the next president. Don't be fooled by those other candidates even if a certain potential candidate is an actor on a TV show you watch. I won't give that candidate any publicity by mentioning their name.

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