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Monday, June 18, 2007


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If Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee next year
and neither the Libertarians nor the
Constitutionalists run a candidate, I plan to vote for
Hillary and a straight Democratic ticket for the first
time in my life.

I really would hope,under those circumstances that she
would be elected with an overwhelming Democratic
Senate and House, at least 85%, plus governorships. I
have only voted for a Democrat once in my life. It
was for Jim O'Neill for Rhode Island Attorney General
against Republican incumbent Arlene Violet.

My reasoning is this. Ron Paul is the only hope to
save the country from internal self destruction. if
he is not the president, I'd rather see the country be
destroyed sooner than later. Perhaps I can see a new
free nation emerge and again enjoy liberty.

Under any Republican, the country's death will be more
prolonged. Get the misery over.

Under these circumstances, Hillary for President.

Roderick T. Beaman
The Crazy Libertarian

James Madison 'When the government fears the people it is a democracy....when the people fear their government it is tyranny...'

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  • That's a rather interesting take on things. I was thinking along the same lines myself... if Ron doesn't get the nomination, why not just vote straight up Democrat across the board and then leave the country?

    By Blogger Tsoldrin, at 7:47 AM  

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