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Thursday, May 24, 2007

[FL4RonPaul] FW: PUBLIC ENEMY # 1: THE CORPORATIONS -- Worden (fwd)

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Subject: [FL4RonPaul] FW: PUBLIC ENEMY # 1: THE CORPORATIONS -- Worden

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Carl F. Worden

It bears repeating: Multi-national corporations are now the worst enemy the
people of the United States face. Communism/Socialism burned out, and would
have even if the west had never opposed it. Communist China and Communist
Vietnam are doing fine only because they opened their markets and cheap
labor for our corporations to exploit. Communist Cuba remains in dire
straits because they weren't given the same opportunity. Hitler and his
Axis posed a military threat from without that we Americans proved we could
withstand and defeat.

Yes, we survived all those threats, but nothing will bring a nation down
more surely than when it comes from within, and that is the threat we face
today from our own, home-grown corporations.

The corporations our Capitalist system spawned, encouraged and supported
have now left our borders and become entities of life unto themselves. They
have turned on us. The nature of a corporation, like a virus, is to survive
and multiply like cancer. A corporation may be comprised of humans, but
unlike humans a corporation has no soul and no inherent, self-imposed
standard of ethics. Anything and anyone that stands in the way of profits
is an enemy to a corporation.

Each corporation has become its own special interest group, its own nation.
Unlike individuals, corporations can easily afford to buy influential and
connected people who will lobby the president and Congress to do their
bidding. The corporation has only one legally-required loyalty, and that is
to the shareholders of the corporation. As such, the corporation of today
is frighteningly similar to an HIV infection, blindly doing its bidding no
matter what the outcome so long as the shareholders are satisfied.

American capitalism may have given birth to most of the multi-national
corporations, but in their quest and requirement to satisfy their
shareholders' demands for higher profits, they are now eating their own
mother nation.

If your stock and 401k is doing well, try to remember it is growing as a
result of treasonous corporate trade practices that are degrading the
standard of living of most of your fellow Americans. Your personal and
family security is compromised by a corporation-controlled federal
government that has refused to secure the border to benefit the
corporations' demand for cheaper labor and higher profits.

You cannot legally purchase perfectly safe prescription drugs from Canada or
elsewhere at 1/3 the cost because the same corporate interests stopped your
senators from approving it.

You cannot stop or even inhibit your own elected representatives in Congress
from voting for a bill that nine out of ten Americans oppose, like the
current Immigration Reform Bill, because the same corporate interests are
promising "your" elected representatives high-paying jobs they can rely on
long after you throw them out of office. You no longer have the kind of
citizen control the Framers of the Constitution intended you to have.

At one time, huge corporate credit card companies were kept in check by
anti-usury laws that prohibited those corporations from charging exorbitant
interest rates. As much as I liked him, it was President Ronald Reagan who
did away with those controls, and once the credit card companies were off
that leash they relaxed their lending standards and started offering credit
to anyone, so long as they paid the interest charged.

Once that hurdle was crossed, the credit card corporations faced only one
more threat, that being mass-filings for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy by a future
debt-ridden population engulfed in an economic turndown, so they got
together and bought George W. Bush the presidency in return for his promise
of "Bankruptcy Reform" legislation that basically made filing Chapter 7
Bankruptcy a thing of the past.

Whatever the corporations want, the corporations get under the present
administration, and I'm not at all certain the Democrats will perform for us
better. The Dems have already capitulated by passing a bill to finance
Bush's war in Iraq without any strings attached, setting up another voter
backlash for 2008. But the voters are also becoming a lot more savvy and
cynical where their elected representatives are concerned.

It has become obvious that the moment anyone is sworn into federal office as
high as representative or senator, all voter control is lost and corporate
control takes over, and it is easy to understand why. After all, the voters
can turn a Representative out of office in only two years, Senators in six
years, but a corporation can reward a representative for just one critical
but unpopular vote with a high-paying career for life, so why shouldn't that
person show more loyalty to the corporations than to the voters?

The one thing the corporations fear is the man or woman with so much
personal integrity they cannot be controlled no matter what promises are
made them, and in the instant case, the corporate powers are deeply
concerned by the grass-roots popularity of presidential candidate and
Representative Ron Paul of Texas.

The corporations already know they can't control Ron Paul because of his
voting record, and they also know a President Ron Paul would be disastrous
for them, so they've given marching orders to every popular,
corporate-controlled media outlet to marginalize, dismiss and discredit Ron
Paul at every opportunity.

When Ron Paul takes the top scores in debates, it is not reported. If Ron
Paul makes any statement whatsoever that can be taken out of context to make
him look goofy or just plain stupid, it is widely reported. In the
meantime, the corporations' favorite boys, Giuliani, Romney and McCain keep
getting center stage on every media corner as if no other candidates exist.

These days, if the corporations sponsor and support something or someone,
you can be relatively certain it is not good for America or Americans in
general, but at this writing, I can't think of an effective thing we can do
to reverse the power-grab that has taken place.

Carl F. Worden

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