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Monday, May 21, 2007

Ryan Mann sends you - Free Online Petition Hosting

Ryan Mann,, sends you the enclosed page from

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Personal comments from "":

Freedom Scientific is using trade marks as an excuse to shut out Serotek. For those who don't know, I'll give a summary of what Freedom Scientific and Serotek are. In order for blind people to use a computer, a blind person needs a program called a screen reader. Serotek charges a low price for it's screen reader while Freedom Scientific charges over $1000 for Jaws, which is it's screen reader. Lately, System Access, which is Serotek's screen reader has been becoming more popular. This is because Serotek is making improvements to System Access and their price is a lot more affordable than Jaws from Freedom Scientific. If Freedom Scientific continues it's law suit against Serotek, this could cause Serotek to go out of business. Then there will no longer be an affordable screen reader for some blind people. This seems like a good reason to get rid of intellectual property laws. These laws help the big guy and shut the little guy out. In this specific case, intellectu!
al property laws could hurt the blind.


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