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Monday, May 28, 2007

9/11 Phobia

September 11, 2001 was a tragedy. When I first heard what happened, I
was so shocked. I almost didn't go to school because I was in a daze.
Eventually, I got over it and went on with my everyday life. However,
some people still seem to be so emotional about what happened on 9/11
that they are willing to do whatever the government says if the
government says it will protect them from terrorists. In Psychology,
the definition of a disorder is a problem that interferes with
functioning in everyday life. This ongoing fear of terrorists has an
effect on the lives of the people who have this fear and the lives of
everybody else in America because it influences government policy.
Therefore, it should be considered a disorder. I'm calling this
disorder 9/11 Phobia.
There are some symptoms to look out for to find out if somebody you
know has 9/11 Phobia. One symptom is that the person is planning to
vote for Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008. Some people will have it
in their head that since Rudy was the mayor of New York when the 9/11
attack happened, he will be a good president to dea lwith terrorism. A
rational person that watched the last republican presidential debate
would be able to tell that Ron Paul knows more about foreign policy
than Rudy. Another symptom to look out for is if a person supports
bombing Moslem countries such as Iraq. Some people think that since
Moslems attacked the United States on 9/11, all Moslems are dangerous.
This way of thinking is not much different than thinking that since
some radical Christians attack abortion clinics, all Christians are
dangerous. Another symptom to look out for is if a person is OK with a
national ID card. Some people think that having a law requiring
everybody in the United States will keep them safe from terrorists.
Because of these people's overwhelming desire for safety over freedom,
there are a couple things that they don't think about. One is that
just because you create a law requiring a national ID doesn't mean that
these cards can't be faked. Another thing that people with 9/11 Phobia
don't think about is that the government is inefficient with their
data, so there will be errors. These errors could keep some innocent
people from getting jobs.
Unfortunately, there is no known treatment for this disorder. However,
there are a couple things that raeders can do to minimize the effect of
9/11 Phobia on society. One is to go to and become
a member. When you become a member of Downszie DC you'll get e-mails
from Downsize DC telling you when congress is about to vote on
legislation that takes away our Freedom. Then you can use their
on-line lobbying system to e-mail all of your representatives in
congress about the issue. Another thing readers can do is support Ron
Paul for president in 2008. He is the voice of reason, not those other
candidates that have been baught by corporations.

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