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Saturday, May 05, 2007

why I donated $25 to presidential candidate

Do you think it's a little early to worry about 2008 presidential
candidates? Evidently, the media doesn't think so because there have
already been debates for the democratic and republican candidates.
There is one candidate that the media seems to be doing whatever it can
to black out. His name is Ron Paul who is running as a republican.
>From listening to the debate for the republican candidates on MSMBC the
other night, Ron Paul clearly stood out. He was the only republican
who came out against the war in Iraq. Also, all of the other
republican candidates were for a national ID card until Ron Paul said
he was strongly against it. Then the other candidates backtracked and
said something like Oh, I support a social security card for work
purposes. However, after the debate, most of the news channels said
that Rudy Giuliani or one of the candidates stood out. The next day
after the debate it was discussed on nightly news and there was no
mention of Ron Paul's name. When a candidate is blacked out from the
corporate media, the only way he has a chance is with grassroots
support from the American people. For that reason and the reason that
Ron Paul is an honest and principled politician is why I donated $25 to
Ron Paul's campaign.

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