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Friday, April 27, 2007

Children's Holocaust Illinois & USA Incorporated

We received this "heads up" from Ed Brown last night. Reno talked to
the mother - who lives in the Chicago area - last night and blogged
this story over at Ed's page.
-- My baby Eifrat has not been seen or had contact with any one who
loves her in a year! You kept her away from my view as her loving
mother for more than two years. Now she is exhibiting damage beyond
belief. You did not receive her damaged. All she "suffered from" was
"ADD" (as you claimed) and her pathetic treatment in State run public
education -- but in four years you have not even cared if she is
healthy or learning at all! How much school have you given her? Look at
how much school has she lost in your care? And what kind of education
have you provided her? -- Look at the letter that someone else (your
Juanita) had to fabricate for her and helped her to sign! She cannot
even write her name well and she is 11 already! Why is she not doing
better in your thousands of Federal, State, Public treasuries' funded
dollars per month care and education in your "wonderful" Child
Protective Illinois State care???!!!
We know why! That flood of public money goes into your and your
loveless colaborators pockets and you don't care! -- You don't love my
children! -- You don't love anyones' children! -- You only love the
Title IV, Social Security, Illinois taxpayer and deceptively solicited
community cash that Eifrat and Ariela, and all the other stolen
children of Illinois you have taken, sold or locked away, bring to you
and your greed and hate filled system of child molesting, child
beating, child drugging, sick minded, graft and profit extorting
monsters associates you deceive the public to hide, shield and gag me
to protect! You are pathetic examples of child protection services
agents! You are a mockery of those very words! My damaged daughters are
the proof!" Once you read the whole story you'll understand why the
mother wrote this letter. That is, if you can manage to read the whole
thing without getting upset. Read the story at

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